The Void (2016) Is All Those Creature, Gore, & Cult Scary Movies You Love

A small town patrol officer finds a mysterious man wounded on the road at night and gets him to the local hospital. What follows that man leads to a night of carnage and the unfolding of a bigger mystery.

Written and directed by Jeremy Gillespie & Steven Kostanski

When I say small town, I mean so small that when Officer Daniel (Aaron Poole) finds the bloody and scared James (Even Stern) on the side of the road, it's much more of a time saver just put him in the car and take him to the hospital himself where maybe only four people seem to work. It's all very Halloween 2 in that dreaded sense so when the shit hits the proverbial fan, it is notably scary yet for horror fans, an additional delight full of nods to horror cinema with monstrosities of the past while still feeling like a fresh story.

Themes of loss and heartbreak never age. They are some of our true horrors and embedded neurosis as human beings. Each character in this narrative feels it in real time, stratching old wounds until they bleed while trying to stay alive against forces that are natural and a bit supernatural. It all bears this "beauty in the profane" approach when occulty hooded people show up to give the story its base and meaning. The Void has a simple philosophy that is dangerously potent. Or could it be described more accurately as fearless?

The Void progresses and pushes the limit in its running time to make use of personal tragedy, insecurity, what-the-hell-was-that, also tons of gore and effects that aren't disappointments. I can't promise that it will all come together and make sense after one viewing. The rewatchability factor is, I'm happy to report, extremely high because the plot can be intriguingly convoluted towards the climax but it is a fun ride.

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