Saturday, October 8, 2016

Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch DVD Giveaway!

It's almost time, kids...!

Graveyard Shift Sisters is having its own big, Halloween giveaway in the form of the still underrated Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (1982).

Wanna win?

I'm one half of a little horror podcast called Girls Will Be Ghouls along with filmmaker and blogger Zena Sade Dixon ( Each month, we bring our vibrant personalities to horror criticism with a look at films and themes that make the genre we love so impressionable.

We're still the new kids looking for feedback and listener engagement. In order to get your hands on this DVD just in time for the Halloween holiday, pull out your smartphone and audio record your spookiest, most creative bumper for Girls Will Be Ghouls that will be played periodically in future episodes.

Here's a sample script:

"This is [your government name, nickname, alias] from/of [don't forget to add your claim to fame] and you're listening to the Girls Will Be Ghouls podcast."

You can add anything (appropriate) you wish to jazz it up and make it funny and clever. Background music, sound effects, great one-liners.

Once it's gone through final processing, send the audio file with the subject, "Halloween 3 Giveaway" to

The deadline is Monday, October 17th at midnight!

And what ever you do, avoid the flashing pumpkin.

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