Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Buy Black, Buy Horror: Alternative Holiday Shopping

Thankfully, there are now so many online stores catering to the horror fan in your life, there's no reason not to tailor their holiday gift and make it extra special. Deep in this pile, there are a few women of color running virtual shops with horror-themed goodies that are honestly, too good to pass on. Below are some of my favorites, old and new. Are you a woman of color who loves horror and sells original work based on it? Let me know and I'll promote the (un)holy holidays out of it!

Smell Wickedly Alluring

Shop Ten Three Labs
Owner Cara

What To Buy
Stranger Thing's Eleven - "heavily-syruped waffles with cinnamon and butter" (body fragrance)

The Exorcist's Regan - "sandalwood, patchouli, and incense, with spruce, rosewood, ylang ylang, and sweet pea blossoms" (body fragrance)

Take Your Potions With You

Shop Olivia Frankenstein
Owners Marc & Crystal 

What To Buy
Freaks Vintage Movie Poster Zipper Pouch - "Here come the Freaks! This lined muslin pouch will hold change, a cell phone, or any other strange items. It has a bright orange zipper to keep everything from falling out. The pouch measures roughly 3.5" x 5" and will be a creepy addition to anyone's accessories."

Darkly Adorn

Owner yOyO Suicide

What To Buy
WOLF CRAFT Moon Magic Necklaces - "My WOLF CRAFT Collection are items inspired by Moon Magic, Shapeshifters, and the Cursed. Jewelry in this collection brings out the night creature in all of us and only comes in the signature WOLF CRAFT colors: Black, White, and Lavender. Obtain one of these pendants for instant initiation into our Wolf Pack.

Celebrate the beauty of the Crescent Moon daily with this unique magical item. Wooden moon pendants are hand painted, protected under several layers of glossy sealer, and come packaged in small black drawstring sachets. These charms are mounted on gold-plated bails and hang from an antique gold colored ball chain."

Relish In Rags

Shop Lockett Down's Artist Shop
Owner Regine Sawyer

EV Peace (T-shirt) -  "Evelyn from 'Eating Vampires' only wants peace, but she may have to knock a few heads to get it!"

Shop Dining With Dana
Owner Dr. Calyn

Fat Bat T-Shirt - "Fresh out of the cartoon coffin, Fat Bat shirts are sun-proof, day resistant and range in size. A soft black and white shirt for any casual haunted castle stroll, sinister workout or evil slumber!"

The only hat my niece kept on!
Shop Liz Boutique
Owner Monique 'Tha Original Gata' Dupree

Zombie Beanie - Finely stitched, unique, and perfect for the little one.

Cat O' Nine Tales: The Misadventures Of Tha Original Gata (comic book package) - The art alone should grab the attention of speculative comic fans. Along with your purchase, you can receive a poster and an autographed photo from Ms. Dupree.

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