Wednesday, February 15, 2017

28 Days Of Black Women In Horror: Adina Porter

Adina Porter (1971- )

True Blood (2008)

Adina Porter was born and raised in The South Bronx. She is a first generation American; her father was born and spent his youth in Sierra Leone, Africa, while her mother was born in Bermuda. They noticed her artistic streak and enrolled her in a children's acting class at St. Mark's AME Church in Harlem. Her first acting teacher was the legendary Butterfly McQueen who ran the church's holiday programs. During her early high school years, Porter was encouraged by a teacher to audition for the High School of Performing Arts. She followed that advice, auditioned and was accepted. After that, Porter studied acting and graduated from SUNY Purchase. During her senior year, the university held showcases for New York agents where she was "discovered" by a talent agent. Porter has made her mark in all areas of entertainment: television, film and theater. Porter spends most of her spare time chasing after her two children. She splits her time between Los Angeles and New York. (Source)

About True Blood (2008-2014)

When you're rooting her Tara, Lettie Mae's (Porter) daughter, you pretty much hate Lettie Mae. She's essentially a big chunk at the root of why it was so difficult for Tara to emotionally get her shit together. Lettie Mae was an alcoholic, faux Christian hypocrite whom in my eyes, there was no redeeming, even in that awful final season. But that's where Porter shows that formidable talent of hers. It was pretty enthralling to witness Lettie Mae's stubborn indignation and complete failure in judgment. Porter brought a course texture to the character that never fell short of memorable.

Other Genre Performances

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