Thursday, February 23, 2017

28 Days Of Black Women In Horror: Falon Joslyn

Falon Joslyn 

American Exorcist (2016)

"I was born in Philadelphia. At 4 I began modeling and runway. Starting out in this industry at such a young age is most certainly an eye opener. I was exposed to a work lifestyle that most people don't recognize until they are well into their 20's. From dance to horseback riding; from singing to speech classes, every day was filled with new learning experiences. Although my mother gave me my thirst for acting, it was my grandmother who gave me my love of film. Specifically horror and dark comedies. My true weak spot. As I grow older I find myself looking for more interesting characters to portray. Characters that will push me to dig deep and create stories that will stick with an audience. Pushing them to think outside the box." (Source)

Falon Joslyn was such a joy to watch in Alpha Girls that I'm really excited to see her away from an ensemble cast and be more of the starlet in the upcoming horror film, American Exorcist.

Alpha Girls is about a sorority with some Satanic stew brewing. Morgan (Joslyn) is the protagonist who furthers the plot and acts as the heroine against the forces of evil.

In American Exorcist, Joslyn plays a paranormal investigator who get trapped in a haunted high rise during the holidays.

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