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28 Days Of Black Women In Horror: Kelly Jo Minter

Kelly Jo Minter (1966- )

A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)

Kelly is from North Trenton, New Jersey where she spent her early years as a gang member and professional criminal. She eventually made her way out west working "at Bell & Howell Video Duplication House in El Segundo, California. She got started in video in Redondo Beach, California, at an adult education training program called the 'CETA' program." Beginning in the early 1980's, she built an impressive resume in film and television, mostly in crime drama thrillers. Even in supporting roles, she was still a standout. She's had four sons and since, and had developed a successful business designing handbags in Los Angeles. (Sources 1 & 2)

About A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)

Minter as Yvonne in the wacky, terrifying Freddy Krueger universe was pretty sobering. She portrayed one of the peers so reluctant to accept that a once evil person is now an evil spirit attacking people in their dreams. So as these movies go, she eventually does get the pun-infused wake up call in dramatic fashion and even more rare, lives to become little Jacob Daniel's "auntie". With the Elm Street series at this point being arguably at its lowest, and in a few ways inconsistent, there's still no completely discrediting The Dream Child for its strength with staying in tune to what it was like to be a teenager at this time. Yvonne makes a great point in the film to explain one of the character's death about the pressure parents put on their children, especially considering how Freddy manipulated some of the characters. That's an issue that will never go stale, and as the world becomes so much more competitive, it will and has become so much more prevalent. Minter gave Yvonne the right amount of spirit that didn't turn caricature and brought levity to a series riding rapidly off the rails.

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