Monday, February 27, 2017

28 Days Of Black Women In Horror: Antonia Thomas

Antonia Thomas (1986- )

Misfits (2009-2011)

Thomas was born in London to a Jamaican mother and an English bass singer father. She studied for a Bachelor of Arts in acting at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and graduated in 2009. Thomas was cast as Alisha Daniels on Misfits in 2009 just one day after leaving Bristol Old Vic. She confirmed her exit from Misfits in late 2011, stating that she had an "amazing time" on the show. In 2012, she starred in the music video for the Coldplay song "Charlie Brown". In 2015, Antonia was featured in the Stereophonics song "C'est La Vie" and went on to the narrate the opening and closing lines to the reboot of the British children's television series Teletubbies. (Source)

About Misfits (2009-2011)

Antonia is most known for playing the Molly Ringwald-in-The-Breakfast-Club type on Misfits. Not horror, but definitely sci-fi/fantasy. Being one of the best television series of the aughts, Misfits maximizes on this statement by creating accessible, layered characters who grapple with supernatural abilities that are cleverly an extension of who they are. For Alicia, it helped her come to terms with the unsavory way she treated others and especially herself. It's so cliche to say that she grew towards loving herself a little more but it's true. Also, Antonia has completed some decent looking horror films I can't wait to see.

Other Genre Performances

Nicky, Rearview (2017)
FirstBorn (2016)
Isabel Harringay, The Nightmare Worlds of H.G. Wells (2016)
Pin Jones, Spark (2016)
Alex, Air (2014)
Steinmann, The Hybrid (2014)
Maddy, The Deep (2010)

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