Thursday, March 9, 2017

Black Women Horror Filmmakers: England Simpson's Prelude: A Love Story

Charlotte, North Carolina native England Simpson (@englandsimpson) is an actress in film and television who cites old classics such as Night Of The Living Dead (1968) and The Evil Dead (1981) as nostalgic comfort viewing as well as a source of insight and inspiration. Her immense love for the horror genre plays a crucial part in England's filmmaking debut.

Prelude: A Love Story, an “arthouse thriller/horror follows the story of Sarah (Simpson), a conflicted woman failing miserably at controlling her new-found obsession with murder." England described the balance of directing and starring in her own film as a welcomed challenge. "Sarah was an average woman until one event changed her life. Sarah could be any one of us, and I found that fascinating. The internal struggle she experienced, transforming from victim to villain, made me want to tell her story," England says. "From an actor’s standpoint, I needed a character that would stretch me… I’m known for my humor and goofy nature, but I needed everyone to see more of me. Sarah came at the right time."

It's inspiring to see artists stretch their comfort zones a bit and do something fulfilling that they've always wanted to do, regardless of the obstacles. England is really a great example of this, "I’m a very paranoid actor. There were times where I thought my performance as an actor was compromised because I was focused on directing and vice versa. Then there was the crying! Our second day of filming was the 'emotional' day for my character. I got there emotionally, but after my scenes were over I could not stop crying! Needless to say, I can’t wait to do it all again. Of course, I’ll do a few things differently, but now I’m just as much fanatical about directing than I am about acting. I love it."

After being tortured and held captive, Sarah (England Simpson) struggles to lead a normal life outside of her own personal prison. Overcome by the horrific experience that plagues her past, Sarah transforms from victim to villain.

Prelude: A Love Story also stars: 

Angela Pritchett (Joey/Josephine)
Vanelle (Anna)
Matthew Martini (The Man)
Ryli Morgan (Unconscious Girl)

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"The day after my 30th birthday, I’m 33 now, I had a doctor’s appointment. The intake nurse asked for my age but I didn’t want to say it aloud. I didn’t want to speak thirty into existence. So, I stole a sheet of paper and wrote down 30 L. The nurse laughed hysterically and told me that my 30th year of life would be my best. That night I went home and started writing."