Shuga Brown The Demon Hunter

Mika "Madness" Kenyah was featured a few months ago about her passion for horror. One of the many exciting projects Mika has put her own stamp on is a fast-paced stew of supernatural soul fighting in an alternative 1970's Bronx, New York universe. Please someone who is a horror fan with some serious investment money give it to Mika Madness so she can make Shuga Brown The Demon Hunter into the next horror comedy hit.

Inspired by 70s Blaxploitation subgenre films, comes "Shuga Brown the Demon Hunter". SBDH is a modern twist on a retro story. Films like 1972's Blacula, at most achieved two adorable red dots on their victim's neck for a vampire bite. Our creatures will rip out their victim's esophagus, trip over it, slide on their gushing blood while receiving a flying kick to the head by Shuga's platform boot.
Shuga Brown is available now on YouTube as a brief two-parter that I think will warm any horror hound's heart.

Watch here!

Created by Mika Madness
Filmed by Ron Elliott & Mika Madness
Edited by Ron Elliott
Mika Madness
Ron Elliott
Derek K. Moore
Michell Cuartas
Malcolm Fong
Shenna Somsmieh
Imani Belsar

Special FX MUA: Randy FX King

Shuga Brown Demon Hunter is also on Instagram 

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