Horror Blackademics: Rooney Elmi's Black Femininity as the Monstrousness Video Essay

Rooney Elmi is the founding editor of Svlly(wood) magazine, a print and digital publication that produces experimental, alternative texts in film criticism, commonly from marginalized voices. We discussed her thoughtful work in more detail in a past interview that's a great introduction to Rooney's scholarship.

She's recently created a video essay, "Black Femininity as the 'Monstrousness'" that was a must share. It's just under 15 minutes so along with the video below, I wanted to offer a few overview points to consider before watching:

Black feminism - in regards to intersectionality (how Black women are susceptible to race, class, and gender oppression).

Blaxploitation horror - an imbalance of stories about full, complicated, and interesting Black women.

Barbara Creed's The Monstrous-Feminine: Film, Feminism, Psycholanalysis'  seven deadly sins.

Black female characters in Blaxploitation horror films.

Black Femininity as the Monstrousness: Exploring Race, Gender, Sexuality, & Diasporic Culture In Blaxploitation Horror


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