Thursday, June 1, 2017

Watch R. Shanea Williams' Psychological Horror Film Paralysis Now

The best of #Blackwomeninhorror in 2016, R. Shanea Williams' psychological horror film, Paralysis is at the top of the stack. As a visionary, Williams' work is packed within these digital pages because of the way she's taken her Hitchcockian methods and molded them into something of her own. The beating heart of her work is horror, but the connective tissue threads drama, thriller, and suspense that's arguably unrivaled due to her relentless push for the centrality of Black women; their stories, and just how they confront the horrific.

Now Williams and her team have released the short for everyone to catch in its entirety on Amazon Prime!

Official Screenplay Selection

5th Annual NOLA Horror Film Festival 2015

Official Film Selection

The Las Vegas Black Film Festival
The Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival
Black Star Film Festival
African Diaspora International Film Festival - Chicago
International Black Film Festival - Nashville
Afrikana Independent Film Festival - Richmond, VA
Alexandria Film Festival
Reel Sisters Film Festival
Orlando Film Festival
North Carolina Black Film Festival
Ax Wound Film Festival
Flagler Film Festival 2017


Best Short Film - The Las Vegas Black Film Festival 2016
Best Director R. SHANEA WILLIAMS - The Las Vegas Black Film Festival 2016


Best Actress NIA FAIRWEATHER - The Las Vegas Black Film Festival 2016
Best Short - North Carolina Black Film Festival
Best Screenplay - Reel Sisters
Best Director Horror/Thriller - Flagler Film Festival 2017

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