Tuesday, August 22, 2017

BlackBox TV: Making A Space For Black Women In Horror

When a part of your mission statement reads that you work to be tuned into "the specific mindset and language of niche communities who might be lacking for considerable representation in the larger pop cultural scene" and mean it, it's impossible not to notice. BlackBoxTV Studios is an online entertainment network that offers micro-tales in the horror, science fiction, and drama genres, at times blending all three. Tony E. Valenzuela, Jarrett and Kyle Sleeper have successfully managed to put out work that heavily features Black women and girls in fun, well acted, suspenseful, and considerable roles.

There isn't one episode that I haven't seen so far that falls short on overall production value. Below are only a few of their shorts that not only give horror fresh faces but are also creepy stories worthy of the canon.

"Silverwood: Kidnapped"

 Kristina (Tayler Buck)
A financially strapped couple kidnap the daughter of a wealthy businessman with a unique gift.

"The Night Shift" 

Lori Williams (Shana Malcolm) 
A chipper store clerk battles her insecurities as well as a violent, intrusive customer in an unexpected way.

"Going Down"

 The Stranger (Dinora Walcott)
A period, morality tale about a criminal who takes a fateful elevator ride.

"More Than You Can Chew"

Sam Palmer (Skye P. Marshall) 
A paramedic fresh on the job gets a call that finds her confronting blood, bodies, and a mysterious little boy.

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