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#SciFiSunday: Imitation Girl Is A Beautiful Epiphany Wrapped In A Extraterrestrial Clone

*slight spoilers ahead Written & Directed by Natasha Kermani Living and life involves developing a sense of self. When prompted, we often describe ourselves in a group of adjectives, commonly, a group that reflects opposites and contradictions to the word used before it. By extension, our actions, depending on mood and circumstance give others maybe just one descriptor while in a different space, another. And we are all guilty of looking at someone with limited knowledge; judging by one descriptor when we know ourselves as many. The human condition is simple despite our flawed assessments; we are all many things. Iranian filmmaker  Natasha Kermani 's science fiction revelation Imitation Girl delivers this thought stream when, from an undisclosed part of the universe, a form in the image of a New York party girl in the adult entertainment industry appears on earth as a remembrance of these ideas. 

Black Women Horror Writers: Montiese McKenzie's Blood Of My Blood

Blood of my Blood is book one in a novella trilogy titled Awakening of the Spirit . Author Montiese McKenzie introduces us to a supernatural world with familiar mythology but a healthy serving of original twists to both vampire and spirit lore. She begins the series with Washington D.C.-based FBI Agent Alexander Rubidoux, a married-to-his-job, kind hearted man who is asked to help find a high profile government employee by the wife of the missing, Kathryn Spencer. Kathryn, a Black woman whose looks defy a life lived for centuries, particularly as a native of the country we know as Russia, now dwells in a lavish D.C. estate along with her three children. But the circumstances of his disappearance unearths a supernatural world that intermingles with the mostly unknowing natural. Kathryn's vampirism stuns Alexander, but instead of running, he becomes dedicated to helping this nervous yet stoic woman and her children get the husband and father they desperately want back.

Werewolves, Religion & Gentrification: Horror Screenwriting With Chris Courtney Martin

25 never looked so remarkable. The traction and determination in award-winning writer Chris Courtney Martin is a flourishing image that cannot waver. Her Twitter timeline reads like an articulate, casual girlfriend chat with a dose of realism in case you forgot that we're all trying to figure this thing out called life. And horror. Chris' list of screenplays in the waiting room is that meme of Sam Neil in In The Mouth Of Madness . She has a profound way of picking from the tree of her occupations and horror is the vehicle gets work in from the first page to the last. The multi-lingual, social advocate finds time for thrillers and comedy as well (seriously,  H.E.I.R . looks incredible ). But as an impressionable child of the 90's, the Scream factor was a catalyst for horror's seductive qualities. "In my adolescence with Saw and Hostel , I really started to develop my own relationship with the genre," Chris remembers. "My tastes were growing a little

Filmmaker R. Shanea Williams' Favorite Horror Films (Updated, Expanded, and Remixed)

By R. Shanea Williams  ( @rshanea722 ) Over the last few years I’ve completely immersed myself in horror films. Although I’ve always loved and enjoyed watching them, now that I have embraced this genre as a filmmaker, I’ve watched, re-watched, re-visited, studied, analyzed and experienced these films in a whole new way. I hate how horror is treated as the ugly stepchild of cinema because I feel horror is the most fascinating cinematic genre there is. It has a unique ability explore universal fears in the most imaginative ways. Hopefully perhaps this list will illustrate that for the non-believers. I felt it was time to update and expand my favorite horror film list that I previously posted on this site. Many films remain on the list, though a few are removed, others added and the order almost completely rearranged (note: this list could shift again in another few years). I will note many of my favorites during that initial list were slightly skewed because I’d been working

Seriously Strange 5 Questions With Kiera Davis

Missing this essential detail before I reached out, the sub-title to Kiera Davis' website portfolio, "You don't have to be pro to create something awesome…just need imagination and YOU" would read like an embarrassing oversight if this ethos wasn't the DNA running through her approachable, online presence. She has a serene and warm way of demonstrating that the process of becoming great at something builds a character and an honesty that is not instantaneous. It's a journey. Kiera is studying Animation with a background in illustration, comic book art, writing, an graphic design. Managing to find time to mix it with her horror imprint, formeraly True Nightmares, a YouTube channel that has over 1,000 followers. There you'll find Fright Film Friday trailer reactions, movie reviews, disturbing facts from history, and she even narrates her own tales with accompanying visuals and sounds. Soft spoken, honest, hardworking, and just plain having fun, Kiera