Thursday, October 5, 2017

Make Supernatural Fiction Box Set, Sigils and Spells Your Next Imaginative Adventure

There's more supernatural stories to consume that center characters of color found in a new box set, Sigils and Spells that will be available for purchase soon! Spearheaded by author Lori Titus, "Sigils and Spells brought together a group of authors with diverse characters in genres that have often lacked it: urban fantasy and paranormal." The 24 author box set includes a range of settings from 1940's Los Angeles to the northern desert terrain of Africa, implementing "dystopian realms where you’ll meet valiant heroes, kick-ass heroines, and dangerous creatures waiting to unveil the hidden corners of the universe."

Titus discusses her addition to Sigils and Spells a bit more in a broader essay titled, "Why Diversity Matters":

I set out to create my own heroine... a young black teenaged girl named Marradith Ryder. She has the power to hunt and kill monsters because of her complicated bloodline. Drawn into the Sojourners for her own protection, she soon finds out that working for the good guys comes with strings. There is action and romance, and bad things to be killed. But at its heart, Hunting in Closed Spaces is about family, those we’re born from and those we make our own through shared experiences and loyalty. The Sojourners are made up of people of all kinds, but they work together to accomplish their goals.

My story is peopled with vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters. I also endeavored to make these characters look like us: Black, White, Latino, and Asian. I wanted to create a story with people who looked like the ones I grew up with in Los Angeles.

Sigils and Spells will be available on Tuesday, January 9, 2018!

Sigils and Spells Contributors: Lori Titus, Kris Austen Radcliffe, Heather Marie Adkins, Alex Owens Paul C Middleton, Lee Hayton, Rita Stradling, Eva Pohler, SJ Davis, M.R. Graham, Carmen Fox, Tina Glasneck, Sedona Venez, J.N. Colon, Cheri Winters, Katalina Leon, RJ Blain, Cate Farren, Amy Evans, Catherine Banks, V.A. Dold, Dylan Keefer, Ali Cross, Michel Prince, Danny Bell, Tiana Laveen

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