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Black Horror Films: Bango (2017)

When a married couple invites a guest over to spicen up their love life, a sequence of events unfold revealing that separate intentions are at play on how the night will transpire. Written by Comika Hartford Directed by Eric Shapiro I had a in-my-20's type of decade that was probably pretty typical. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a living, who my extended family of friends were going to be, bouncing around socially, much more open and patient with people, beginning to grapple with who I was emotionally, and even spent a considerable amount of time in college successfully navigating and curating the best education I was putting a lot of money and resources in to get the maximum benefit for my later years. In my kernel of not having some stern plan, I spent a lot of time with friends in their early 30's, extending time, money, and energy into cheerleading for their paths, and in retrospect, gaining little in return. And by the time I was literally 30, I

Hard Feme Noir With Visual Artist, Amber Williams

The recognizable faces of the 1980's and 90's with the complimentary vibrant, multi-colors is the biggest draw. But staying for the commentary makes the memories that much more richer. If you're of a certain generation, and a Black woman who was once a Black girl in this particular period, there was a fertile inspiration in the artistic liberties and expression that an array Black singers, rappers, actress, etc. took on that in retrospect, inform many of our approaches to our current, personal endeavors as creators.

Black Horror Films: Night Of The Witch (2017)

A man plagued by a reoccuring nightmare awakens one day to find that the barrier between his conscious and subconscious may have been broken. Written & Directed by Zena S. Dixon One of the most frightening images I remember seeing on screen as a child was a scene in Wes Craven's The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) where Dennis Alan (played by Bill Pullman) confronts a mysterious, veiled figure that turns out to be an animated shell of a wrinkled, hollowed out corpse where a large, venomous snake shoots out of its extended mouth to attack his character. An apparent enchantment by the white guy's submersion into a spiritual practice in Haiti, in Craven fashion, dreams in this polarizing film become its strength in telling the story of Haitian vodou through an outsiders perspective. But stories from those inside can bring a much more fulfilling and richer angle that brings forth, a situation you may never have been through, yet becomes the spark of an emotional relatabil

Black Horror Films: Open The Door (2017)

This season's American Horror Story kicked off with the devastation for many of us that was the election of Donald Trump as the United States' 45th president. Here, the weight of the devastation revolves around a privileged, white queer woman (Sarah Paulson's Ally) and her personal anxieties about what this election means to her . Certain Black creators are using the 2016 election as a catalyst to tell stories from the varying perspectives of people of color. Taylor Black, founder of Black Balance Productions seeks to "empower, educate, and liberate" Black women through the visual arts. With a heavy investment in utilizing the horror genre to "highlight the fears of African Americans in America as well as diversify the genre," Black Balance chooses to remain on the edge of social relevance by telling stories that have stark effects on our present. Open The Door , is a horror short that initiates their upcoming feature, Baada 11/9 . Each entrenched i

#SciFiSunday: The Girl with All the Gifts & The Science Of Survival

Ecocritical Survival through Psychological Defense Mechanisms in  M.R. Carey’s The Girl with All the Gifts Ruzbeh Babaee , Ph.D., University Putra Malaysia Sue Yen Lee , University Putra Malaysia Siamak Babaee , University of Kashan Synopsis When a natural outbreak plagues England, turning most of the country's population into zombie-like cannibals, a biological discovery in an evolved population of children birthed inheriting the science of the plague with the capacity for human reasoning and control are used to find a cure for the remaining human survivors. One of those children and her relationship with her human teacher puts a wrench in this plan, prompting a challenge to the very questions of what is humanity and is it actually worth saving. Thesis The strength of the story lies in the relationship between Melanie, "a cannibalistic hungry" and her human teacher Helen Justineau. In order to survive, they both develop psychological defense mechan