Sunday, November 26, 2017

#SciFiSunday: Fund Book Series, Brown Sugar Fairies

Author Aiysha Sinclair is the wizard behind a new fantasy book series about "friendship, family, and the magic of love," titled Brown Sugar Fairies. The first installment titled "Saroja's Quest" is about a girl named Peppa who "finds a book which hides magical secrets and one real live flower fairy" named Saroja. Saroja must find a very special Lotus flower before her land is destroyed. With the revelation of the flower's abilities, Peppa is stuck between helping her ailing grandfather or her supernatural friend. The richness in color and specific markers of a developed universe that artist Joyceline Furniss brings to Brown Sugar Fairies is truly nothing less than exceptional and just plain beautiful.

The Kickstarter campaign is great platform to generate more interest before the book makes it to stores with offerings such as a limited edition hardcover, Fairy "Afro" picks, a coloring book, custom art, printing costs, and more. Aiysha believes in positioning little brown girls as these imaginative, majestic creatures along with human heroines as a means to know that their possibilities of creativity and ingenuity are endless, and their emotional growth, encouraged.

Brown Sugar Fairies is very close to being fully funded so donate and get a great reward today!

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