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The 2017 Bloody Mary Film Festival Is A WOC Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Filmmaker Haven

Talking Heads (2017) | Directed by Alyx Melone | Bloody Mary Film Festival 2017
The Bloody Mary Film Festival is only in its second year, but its head spinning program is setting the bar for combining some of the most imaginative and innovate work by Canadian, female-identifying filmmakers in the realm of horror and the fantastic. Taking place in Toronto, Canada, Bloody Mary in 2017 will take place on Thursday, November 30th and Friday, December 1st at the Imagine Cinemas – Carlton Cinema, kicking off with Tricia Lee's Blood Hunters (which contributor Rosemary's Pixie reviewed here) followed by a truly diverse lineup of women in front and behind the camera. Five short films in particular have caught my interest in terms of their varying cultural/ethnic filmmakers and narratives. They are a reminder that genre film is one of the best spaces to engage with some of the most exciting, new storytellers.

If you're in the area, don't miss a chance to catch each of these shorts on Thursday, November 30 2017 at 9:30PM and more the following day!

Henna (2017)
Director: Fami Kaur BijiInstagram
Runtime: 4:38

An experimental film that explores one woman's struggle between darkness and lightness with the utilization of Indian henna.

Henna feels like a nightmare you'll never wake up from. Its use of sound and emphasis on contrasting colors are discomforting while the story magnifies this feeling by challenging perceptions of madness, cultural practice, and personal conflict.

Tik-Tik (2016)
Director: Larica PereraInstragram | Twitter
Runtime: 3:00

Based on the Filipino folkloric creature Aswang, a young girl makes great effort to save a pregnant woman from the ominous figure.

Birth, deception, and a little girl's bravery collide to present a visual tale that embraces the tragedy of the things both created and creeping in the darkest recesses of both imagination and dimension. Tik-Tik in its short run time packs the right punch.

The Drop In (2017)
Director: Naledi JacksonInstagram | Facebook
Runtime: 13:00

When a small business owner begins to establish a new life and career, an unsuspecting customer arrives, forcing her to confront her past.

With only a teaser available (and an excellent one), I am particularly intrigued how the interaction between the two women (Mouna TraorĂ© and Olunike Adeliyi) unfold and what messages dominate this piece. I can't wait to see this film.

Director: Monica Garrido Twitter
Runtime: 10:00

A special someone from Chloe's past tries to put a dent in her new romantic relationship.

Madre De Dios (2015)
Director: Gigi Saul Guerrero Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Runtime: 7:00

Two brujos decide to conjure the Anti-Christ using a bound victim.

Gigi has a gritty, signature style that is both appealing in its familiarity and striking in her determination to be a filmmaker bent on exposing the most dynamic aspects of her Mexican roots. Talk of witches and the Anti-Christ, especially in a context outside of American Anglo-Saxon history will always grab my attention.

Watch the Madre De Dios teaser

2017 Bloody Mary Film Festival

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