Thursday, January 18, 2018

Get Montiese Mckenzie's Second Speculative Novella, The Providence Of Human Affairs

The second book in the Awakening of The Spirit series promises more magic in an already fantastic universe by award-winning author Montiese McKenzie. In The Providence of Human Affairs the saga continues with a focus shift to Sam Kassmeyer, the spirit most trusted by vampire Kathryn Spencer and integral guide in finding her kidnapped husband from the first novella in the series Blood of my Blood. McKenzie matches the mystery and suspense of the first novella in the second with a much richer dive into spiritual mythos and the essence of human survival: hope.

For many millennia, Sam has been a spirit that fights in the name of the light. Sam has seen much darkness in his time, but the case of Cole Pierson is different. In only four delicate years, Cole has witnessed his mother's murder and a year and a half  later, forcefully taken from his aunt by those who seek to do him harm. During this turmoil, Sam hears the prayers of a human for the first time; Mollie Pierson, Cole’s aunt. Those prayers send Sam and his fellow spirits, Jacob Falconer, Mandy North, and Alexander Rubidoux on a case like no other. The goal is to retrieve Cole and keeping his aunt safe from forces beyond her comprehension. But why would someone want to take Cole? What if there was a woman destined to give birth to a child who would save humanity from darkness?

“Bringing all these characters together again for this adventure is exciting because spirits remind us to have hope in the darkest of times,” McKenzie states. “The world will always seem bleak, but characters like Sam are my favorite because he’s a protector. He brings balance to the darkness and him being a spirit fits perfectly into this ideal.”