Tuesday, February 6, 2018

28 Black Women Horror Filmmakers: Meosha Bean


Meosha Bean is an award winning actress/filmmaker from Gainesville, Florida. Voted best upcoming director in 2012 at the New Jersey Film Festival, Meosha started filming and acting at 7. After attending acting and modeling school, she moved on to feature films, music videos and promotional work. She is the owner of M.V.B Films which was established in 2003, her projects are primarily horror/thriller, action, and drama. Meosha's popular YouTube channel has over three million views and counting with about15,000 subscribers. Meosha's short, Miss Pepper (2013) is one of her most viewed films. She has worked with many people in the business and indie talents, among them Roy Jones Jr., Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, Billy Idol, and Ron Bass who has made clothes worn by Beyonce and Jay Z. (Source)


Hard Requitals
Elf (2011)
The Dark Rises (2013)
Miss Pepper (2013)
Camera Phone 2 (2016)
Me Myself & I (2016)
I See You (2017)
6th Floor (2017)
Animus (2017)


Something in the Night (2019)

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