Wednesday, February 28, 2018

28 Black Women Horror Filmmakers: Nicole Renee Simmons


Nicole Renee has been into horror films for as long as she could remember. Starting off with writing short horror stories with her grandfather, she instantly became intrigued with horror and fear. It wasn't until she turned 17 that she figured out directing, writing, and producing horror films was her passion. After graduating from The Los Angeles Film School, she decided to further her education with a Bachelors degree in Entertainment Business from the same school. She then received her Masters Degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. Her obsession, knowledge, and pride in horror, has grown to a new level. Entering film school made her completely accept her passion and learn to humble, mold, and better her own craft of horror. She’s grown a huge following on, reviewing horror films, TV, and books. She is the founder of her own film production company, ItsFearHerself. (Source)


LIZA (2015)
I Was Sent (2016)


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