Monday, February 26, 2018

28 Black Women Horror Filmmakers: Rae Shaw


Rae Shaw is an author, producer-director and educator creating diverse and provocative narratives across disciplines of visual media, fiction/non-fiction, and poetry. Her work has explored and investigated stories of diversity, disparity and connection. She's a graduate of the University of Chicago's English Literature and Language Department and University of Miami's Motion Picture Program. In 2014, Rae's feature script, The Repass became a quarterfinalist for the esteemed Academy Nicholl Fellowship. She is developing a web series pilot titled, Black Kungfu Chick which is a story about a young girl from South L.A. who learns kung-fu from her premed teacher so she can protect her community. Additionally, Rae is a member of the University of Chicago Alumni Association, Organization of Black Screenwriters, ACLU, and Reel Ladies. She splits her time between Los Angeles and New York. (Source)


Soap and Roses (2003)
Little Red's Pie (2016)


The Repass (2018)

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