Thursday, February 22, 2018

28 Black Women Horror Filmmakers: Alessandra Pinkston


Resiliancy seems to be just one of the words actress, writer, and award-winning filmmaker Alessandra Pinkston stands by. Every artist understands that to fully persue your craft takes an almost inhuman amount of patience and double the effort. Alessandra not only has an inspirational reminder etched on her arm, the Chicago native is currently navigating Los Angeles with television network appearances and her own film production space, KindredQuest, Inc., a map for diverse, leading roles in genre projects.

I’ve been loving horror films since I was a child. The first horror film that intrigued me when I was a little girl was The People Under The Stairs, I had never seen a person of color be the lead in a horror film. My family and I always watched that film. I’ve seen that movie so many times I lost count. Then my family became hooked on Candyman. Although People was something that caught my eye, my family and I focused on Candyman because it was shot in Chicago, my hometown. So we would see certain buildings and it resonated with us because it was where we were from. Not only that, but there was this tall, eerie Black man who was the villain. That, I had never seen before. I thought it was awesome seeing people that looked like me star in those kinds of films.


The Testament of Karma (2011)
The Final Days of the Law (2016)

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