Thursday, March 8, 2018

Black Horror Films: Hair Wolf (2018)

What about zombies in hair salon? A Brooklyn-based artist/film director Mariama Diallo pondered once while staring at a street aesthetic I, and am sure others are familiar with: the lost hair extension that has lost its temporary head home drifting in the wind on the conrete. Mariama's boyfriend mistook the word "braid" for "brain", kicking off the association game that birthed her Sundance-winning (Grand Jury prize for Narrative Short Film), Hair Wolf.

Adding nuance to her narrative is the concept and action of cultural appropriation, more specifically, Mariama described it as a "virus"; a style that has been made a celebratory affirmation by a marginalized people becomes the elevated trend by others who mimick it. Hair Wolf situates the black hair salon as a space of escape, yet a 'Kylie Jenner clone' serpents her way in to demonstrate this sort of erasure in a way that allows an audience to critically examine why cultural appropriation is a matter of concern while being funny, bitting, and oozing with a "classic horror film" influence.

Mariama surprised by her Sundance win.

This attentive, horror/comedy amalgam is currently making more big, festival circuit rounds (including a recent stop at SXSW) and I am sulking in my impatience watch and review what I am certain is a compelling piece of work in genre. Mariama has got some feature scripts under her wing and has been grateful for the time to hone her voice.

Check out the trailer below!

Mariama on Vimeo & IMDb

Hair Wolf coverage by No Film School helped me put this piece together. 
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