Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Filmmakers You Should Know: Paulina Bugembe

Paulina Bugembe has made her indent in many roles as a performer. She's been seen on NBC's The Good Place, ABC's Scandal, Comedy Central, and a handful of short films that shows a steadily growing resume of memorable appearances. But Paulina offers more as an entertainer writing and directing films that are currently screening all over the world. As a director, she's unwilling to corner her stories within a specific genre. She showcases her interest in horror with a solid short that I hope is only the beginning of more.

I Stole Your Baby is a well crafted sequence, taking on the generations old legend of Bloody Mary to address the fragmented, grey area of friendship, family, maternity, and the fear it elicits. Check it out below!

Paulina currently resides in Los Angeles and originally is Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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