Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What To Get Excited About At 2018's Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is back to satisfy our horror cravings with some of the most wildest, thoughful, and scintillating films in the genre at the moment, opening Thursday, October 11 through October 18th. HEAD TRIP, their newest film block assures you'll experience "films that push the boundaries and expectations of the horror genre" that are extremely "expansive and diverse".

One of those benders includes Cam (2018), a fabulous thriller featuring a very grown up Imani Hakim (Everybody Hates Chris) that details how much we're on the fragile brink of our digital presence manipulating reality. In a word or a few, Brooklyn Horror's films for 2018 are a conglomerate of known genre echoes from new storytellers that shatter predictability from around the globe, with a decent amount of women of color in front and behind the camera.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bitten, A Tragedy: Where Black Women, Queer Nightlife, & Vampires Collide

It is a storyteller, with an identity that's hegemonically suppressed in almost all spheres of reality and entertainment, that moves their work forward in bold strokes. With an eye on experimentation and a meditative vision, that boiling combination of queer, woman/womyn, LGBTQIA, working-class, creative industry, female-identified peoples have a limitless artistic purge that's on the cusp of the world immersing their viewing experiences in some of the most wildly imaginative narrative works they've ever seen.

Bitten, A Tragedy stands by this promise.

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