Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bitten, A Tragedy: Where Black Women, Queer Nightlife, & Vampires Collide

It is a storyteller, with an identity that's hegemonically suppressed in almost all spheres of reality and entertainment, that moves their work forward in bold strokes. With an eye on experimentation and a meditative vision, that boiling combination of queer, woman/womyn, LGBTQIA, working-class, creative industry, female-identified peoples have a limitless artistic purge that's on the cusp of the world immersing their viewing experiences in some of the most wildly imaginative narrative works they've ever seen.

Bitten, A Tragedy stands by this promise.

The latest tale from Audre's Revenge Film collective led by Monika Estrella Negra and Mariam Bastani, has created a Black queer femme named Lydia, a gold star millennial entrenched in Philadelphia queer nightlife. One moonlit 12-hour period finds her in contact with vampires and ancestral battle grounds; a night accented by personal growth and revelation that fold into Lydia's preservation in so-called subversive spaces.

Bitten, A Tragedy seems to question allyship when confronted with intersectionality and horror is the genre that gives the overall message its fantastical flare that will certainly peel at our rawest emotions when it comes to socially and personally confronting difference as well as act as a catharsis for those who are frustratingly and constantly silenced.

Audre's Revenge Film ensures Bitten, A Tragedy will explore:
  1. Vampirism as allegory: the dangers of immortality, the pain of memory, and the pride in legacy.
  2. Underground queer social spaces, many erected from ingenuity.
  3. The never-ending erasure of culture, community and the fear that erupts from gentrification.
  4. Expulsion of the evil-African Indigenous spiritual practice trope (historically seen in horror films of the past) by demonstrating the ways in which it is used for survival.
  5. The relationship between POC ancestors and their decendants: generational trauma and how to break its cycle.
Seed&Spark, in partnership with IndieWorks is the current crowdfunding home for Bitten, A Tragedy with a $14,000 goal. Your donations go to every part of what makes a film: paying actors, crew members, locations, transportation, music, costuming, special effects, and so forth. Your pockets tight at the moment? The Bitten crew also accepts food, volunteers, and equipment loans. Our friends at 4MileCircus, a Brooklyn, NY-based media services and production company are production partners and equally as committed to making Bitten, one amazingly memorable piece of art.

Filming is set for Fall 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

About Audre’s Revenge Film Collective 

Established in 2015, Audre’s Revenge Collective was co-founded by Monika Estrella Negra and Mariam Bastani. Monika's previous short film Flesh, the first ever slasher to feature a femme black serial killer and has played film festivals in the United States and Europe. Audre’s Revenge Collective is dedicated to promoting visibility and working diligently to change representation of Queer, Black, and POC in horror!

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