Sunday, September 9, 2018

#SciFiSunday: Fund Science Fiction Anthology Web Series, The Vth Column

You can see them at Artboer in Atlanta, GA, encouraging patrons to "enter the 5th Wall and discover..."

If you're not quite sure what, that's the point. The message of the universe, providing us with endless possibilities if we walk into the option full of options has that cosmic, sci-fi flare. One of the reasons fans of the genre appreciate it so much. And this is what you get with The 5th Wall: a dimension full of color, comics, web series, and multiverses. With an allure of Afrofuturism, "The 5th Wall is an age old agency charged with investigating the para-dimensional activities that have shaped our world."

In 2015, The 5th Wall was created by a group of friends who decided to make community-building, diversity, and activism out of their artistic approach to both science fiction and horror with a comic book company. Three years since its inception, The 5th Wall team has expanded to a grassroots multimedia hub. Headed with the fierceness of Takima Bly, their mission has always been to fill the historical void horror and sci-fi has to developing characters of color. This desire to go from page to screen has led to an upcoming web series titled, The 5th Column.

The 5th Column is a Twilight Zone-like anthology series where stories are ripped from the headlines of a fictional paper within the universe called 38th and 5th. This also gives it that Tales from the Crypt vibe with the noir ambiance of The X-Files, but The 5th Column has its goal on standing out with a predominantly all-people of color cast in an alternative universe.

The 5th Column is crowdfunding now to cover production costs and is accepting loaned equipment for shoots. In association with Keep It Colorful, The 5th Column is eligible for opportunties to work with industry insiders like Erika Alexander (Living Single) to develop their project into a pilot that could have global reach. But it's up to us to spread the buzz and help make The 5th Column stand  with upcoming series like Lovecraft Country. With today's demand for diverse perspectives on screen, The 5th Column fits right into the explosive equation that'll open doors for generations to come.

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