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BOO! (2018) Blends Impactful Fright With Somber Soul

After a family receives a chilling chain letter on Halloween, strange things begin to happen that force them to confront not only their own nightmares, but their feelings for each other. Written by Diane Michelle and Luke Jaden Directed by Luke Jaden The topical approach to Halloween is costumes and candy. Research has unncovered the traditions and numerous rituals that have evolved with the ancient holiday spanning the globe. What's new to me, is the act of being Boo'd. Perhaps because my family was never big on Halloween, much like the fragmented Detroit, Michigan family in this 91 minute bluesy treat. Shading the rhyme in a more sinister color, writer/director and Detroit native himself Luke Jaden uses the act of " Boo Your Neighbors " to traverse the supernatural's intimate relationship to the stormy reality of four people living under the same roof.