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Black Horror Films: SHE (2018)

Written & Directed by Zena S. Dixon I love a good conspiracy. A cabal. One that constantly keeps me guessing. A shimmer of light as a sleek car pulls into a driveway, punctuated by the exotic plantlife that subtlly adds to the ostentatiousness. A sneaky text bubble appearing where a beautiful woman mentions Blue Eclipse, a name by Any Major City, USA's well congregated nightspot, gives the mood of coolness, flesh, and an urge to hunt. Each image morsel accompanying this inquiry are obscured to alert that this is more than frienly, girlfriend banter. And these are just a few of the unnerving thoughts I'm having mere seconds into who knows what, as I'm all too eager to unpack the crescendo of bubbles that appear on the screen as more women play a sinister, competitive game of... we don't really know. But it reeks of conspiratorial madness!

I’ve Met The Ghost Of Horror Filmmakers Future, And She’s Black

There has been steady momentum for the visibility of women in the horror community for well over ten years. Since the birth of Women in Horror Month, not only are there grassroots efforts motivated to make the invisible visible by showcasing women creatives within the horror genre, but additional academic studies and major media outlets have brought this movement to prominence. However, storytelling and discourse regarding the convergence of race and gender in this space has been heavily unexplored.