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It's Normal (2018) Is The Vampire Allegory That Makes America Think Again

A young office worker learns her changing world is even scarier than she realized when she checks in on a friend who has stopped attending their grief support group. (From Press Kit) Written by Nicole Witte Solomon & Sean Mannion Directed by Nicole Witte Solomon One of the most effective moods a filmmaker can invoke, specifically in the horror genre, is one of discomfort. From the opening scene's of Nicole Witte Solomon's (director,  Small Talk , Mare ) festival circuit hitting latest, It's Normal , you see a familiar Brooklyn that's not so familiar. You see the everyday behaviors you witness seem a little off. That twinge of anxiety is expressed when Kay (Latresa Baker) visits Lucy (Tara Cioletti) at her apartment. She's been MIA from their support group, not answering texts or calls, and that's pretty terrifying in a world where people are disappearing so rapidly. There's an immediate, rational threat outdoors when the sun goes down that