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Filmmakers You Should Know: Britt Banks

Britt Banks, donning a Halloween II graphic tee that resembles a VHS cover is delightful stimuli. On camera, she articulates her goal to unpack and recreate in her image, the building blocks of fear. Inspired by some of the most iconic scenes in horror cinema history, Banks is keen on tension building and heightening the sense of the unknown and unpredictable. You gain all of this by observing her pitch for Ronald , a melinated,  Dexter -esque a web series that shadows a tech blerd (the title character played by Ernest Keith Walker) who wrestles with winning the heart of his now reunited childhood crush and his apetite for massacre. Currently,  Ronald 's solid teaser reveals a narrative dipped deep in night hues that'll make you delete that rideshare app and walk instead. Hot off Black Mirror 's "Smithereens".

Horror Favorites, With Paranormal Mystery Writer Heather Elizabeth King

Heather Elizabeth King was the girl at the sleepover waiting for the perfect time to tell a scary story, guaranteeing a sleepless night for all. The author of dark fiction has about 14 novels where she indulges romance with her monsters in paranormal universes. The biggest lesson she's learned about the world-building process is to always write a story the way it wants to be told. Never force characters into spaces they do not want to be in. I've heard this truth from many writers. This is one of the reasons I wanted to respond to Heather's kind feedback with a free associative follow-up about what makes her horror loving heart pump life into her consciousness and creativity. The Virginia dweller keeps the flow here short, sweet, and consistent in how what she's loved for a lifetime has majorly influenced her work today.