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Jacqueline Vincent Has Created A Monster

What if  Josephine Baker was a Cenobite  with Naomi Campbell's fire?  In the UK, a married couple, Jacqueline Flowers & Vincent Hargrave go about their days with jobs that pay the bills and indulge their literature, film, and music hobbies for balance. Jacqueline is the one who leans more into horror. The gravitational pull into "things that were a bit weird" has been a part of her creative process since she was young reading  Pan Horror books .  Beloved  by Toni Morrison became a milestone because "the atmosphere is so dense, you can feel the humidity, the lack of any breeze and the smell of pain and hurt. The movie really did it some big justice and I fell in love with the characters even more." It is films that are "ethereal" that enrapture her muse. Caligula (1979), The Shining (1980) and The Cell (2000) are great visual references for her "thick molasses" style and pacing in her own work.

Get To Know: Horror Movies and Beyond Host, Ivotres Littles

A curated cluster of collector figures, celebrity selfies, Xbox games, and DVD's offer an 80's fueled peek into one's horror proclivities. The Thing , Re-Animator , Ghostbusters , and Beetlejuice are just some of the movies and their themes Ivotres Littles has displayed like a mini-museum in her home. She is the California-based, host and creator of  Horror Movies and Beyond , a YouTube channel where she talks to composers, writers, directors, and actors who got their start working on cult horror classics. She additionally gets deep into the disturbing headlines that inspired some well-known horror favorites, and even unpacks some exhausting questions such as, 'why all the remakes?' The production design, editing, and overall ambiance of her show is a delight. Whether Ivotres is donning a proton pack with a mic next to Danielle Harris or surrounded body part props, #TheOprahOfHorror was gracious enough to delve more into her inquisitive nature, calling for mor