Get To Know: Horror Movies and Beyond Host, Ivotres Littles

A curated cluster of collector figures, celebrity selfies, Xbox games, and DVD's offer an 80's fueled peek into one's horror proclivities. The Thing, Re-Animator, Ghostbusters, and Beetlejuice are just some of the movies and their themes Ivotres Littles has displayed like a mini-museum in her home. She is the California-based, host and creator of  Horror Movies and Beyond, a YouTube channel where she talks to composers, writers, directors, and actors who got their start working on cult horror classics.

She additionally gets deep into the disturbing headlines that inspired some well-known horror favorites, and even unpacks some exhausting questions such as, 'why all the remakes?' The production design, editing, and overall ambiance of her show is a delight. Whether Ivotres is donning a proton pack with a mic next to Danielle Harris or surrounded body part props, #TheOprahOfHorror was gracious enough to delve more into her inquisitive nature, calling for more research and discourse on what makes the genre so appealing. Below is just a slither of her story:

As far as I know, horror films have always been a big part of my life. However, I can say that there were certain circumstances in my life that made me appreciate horror films. First, it was my family. Throughout my childhood, we often watched horror films together. No matter how scary the movie or what the content was about; we were watching it. Yikes!

While attending college, I’ve participated in many aspects of acting, producing, screenwriting, and directing. In turn, value the hard-work that goes on behind-the-scenes. My genre of choice just happens to be horror. It’s what I’m familiar with. Lastly, many years ago I attended my first comic-con in Los Angeles. That’s when I met the creator of Full Moon Features, Charles Band. We talked about his films and why he created them. It was a wonderful experience.

During a friend’s birthday celebration, I was talking to someone about creating a show that not only reviewed horror movies – but give you a brief history based on the theme for that episode. I want people to learn, wonder and marvel in the unknown – to understand that all things scary are not always particularly bad for you. I want to explain the unexplainable. I want to explore what people fear or taught to fear -To give them a new pair of eyes. Behind every movie, painting, puppet, illustrations, and/or book there’s a unique story more bizarre than the last but just as important.

In some way, I feel a little Oprah-ish. Over the years, in her career, she explored topics on her show most wouldn’t dare to air. From racist extremists to visiting poor countries, she always had the ability to make people feel important and welcome on her show. I want to make people feel comfortable to talk about their careers and deep-rooted issues when creating works of art. 

There are so many people I would like to interview. It’s hard to narrow down a list to only a few. However, if I had to choose some talented filmmakers or performers it would be Jordan Peele, John Carpenter, Eli Roth, Stephen King, James Wan, Doug Jones, Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie, The Duffer Brothers, Guillermo Del Toro, Sigourney Weaver, Tim Burton, Jamie Lee Curtis, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Lupita Nyong’o, and of course Oprah Winfrey. Whoa! I know that’s more than a few. As you can see my selection of filmmakers or performers covers so many areas in the horror genre. I want to learn from them all. [laughing] I always have burning questions to ask. I just hope one day I get to ask them. Flame on!

The most chilling story that sticks out in my memory is the history of clowns. During the Middle Ages, clowns or jesters were used only to entertain royalty, members of the royal family or high-ranking members of the court. In some cases, some clowns were actual people with disabilities and/or mental illness condemned unfit to work in “normal” society. Their make-up was to symbolize sadness, child-like behavior. So, they had to work in humiliating surroundings to make a living. Such a sad way to live. I must say it’s quite different from the clowns we see today.

Horror is in our blood. It’s all around us. We face it every day. Yet, it helps us cope and understand the meaning of life. There are stories to be heard, watched and admired.

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Production Crew:

Marius C. Macias (Creative Assistant, left),
Ivotres (center), and Matthew Hightshoe (Creative & Media Director, right)

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