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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fund This: Kristina Leath-Malin's Stephen King Film Adaptation, One For The Road

Kristina Leath-Malin, creator of My Final Girl is back on her horror grind with a fresh spin on Stephen King's short story, "One for the Road" a sequel to 1975's Salem's Lot. Her film, using the same title, One for the Road is about two women who combat a coven of female vampires in order to save a family in peril. One for the Road is available for adaptation through Stephen King's "Dollar Babies" program, which are "stories not under contract for movies, which means they are available for film students who want to try their hands at a Stephen King story."

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trailer For Filmmaker Tricia Lee's Horror Thrill Ride, Blood Hunters

*From The Press Release

Director Tricia Lee’s 3rd genre picture, Blood Hunters, will be presenting its world premiere at the Horror Channel FrightFest Film Festival in London, England on August 29th, 2016. Lee, with screenwriter Corey Brown have partnered on two other thrilling genre films, Clean Break (Winner Best Drama Feature, Atlanta Horror Film Festival) and Silent Retreat (Winner Best Canadian Feature, Toronto After Dark Film Festival). They are excited to bring you their newest creature feature Blood Hunters.

Blood Hunters is a character-driven genre film about a single mother who wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she's somehow nine months pregnant.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Return Of The Living Dead DVD/Blu-ray Giveaway

Return Of The Living Dead hit theatres on August 16, 1985, turning 31 years old this week. Like a large amount of horror fans, this is one of my favorite zombie-themed films for its wonderful balance of comedy and commentary with punk culture, death and the fear of dying. It's what can be easily labeled a "cult classic" for its infinite re-watchability. And there's a great story behind the making of it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Black Horror Web Mystery: 5Knives (2016)

A great mystery finds its strength with characters that an audience will enjoy watching put the pieces of a compelling story together. When your characters are the one in a knot of a harrowing circumstance, anxiety levels sky rocket as you watch paranoia and the unsavory things it makes people do unfold. An independent thriller with an all-Black cast promises to deliver this and more with 5Knives.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Haunting New Web Series, The Ghost & The Negro

Framed for a bizarre murder, a bookstore keeper teams up with a self proclaimed ghost hunter to track down the killer.

A blend of the southern gothic and film noir, The Ghost and The Negro is a new web series from Alabama-based creator Sylvester K. Folks (@Slyvester_Folks). In the first three episodes, we're introduced to Sydney (Demise Harp) who just appears to be a casually passionate bookstore keep whose rational disposition is challenged when strange and unfortunate circumstances lead him to a startling revelation from new bookstore regular, Hattie (Daniela Cobb).

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bwitches: The Intersectionally Magic Web Series

Maddie and Reese are two Hollywood dwelling friends managing the typical challenges young women and women of color face both trying to pay the bills and establish themselves in the entertainment industry. Their majestic distinction is the advantage of a natural inclination for witchcraft, but challanges abound. Because even a spell or two can't quite broom fly over "the patriarchy."

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sci-Fi Sunday: Writers Needed For The Encyclopedia of Black Comics

Dear researchers, writers, historians and comics enthusiasts-

I am currently writing the Encyclopedia of Black Comics. I have nearly 150 Black people in the comics industry who have published significant work in the United States or done notable work in the comics field, being included in the volume (including editors, publishers, illustrators, artists, creators, etc).

Right now, I am at a critical juncture in the process, needing people who would like to write intimate, factually correct and nuanced  800 -1000 word entries for the volume (1000 – 1700 words for entries of more notable persons).

This may also be a nice reference entry on a resume for budding graduate students and professors. You have the option of being paid $10.00 dollars per entry and can write any many as your schedule allows. The deadline for submission is August 31st.

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