Thursday, October 23, 2014

Black Women Horror Writers: Interview with Lynn Emery

This post is a bit of a deviation from my usual horror author posts.  But there is a reason. (At least there is this time.)

Lynn Emery considers her work to be in the thriller genre, and I agree with her assessment. The reason I wanted to feature Lynn on the Female Horror series of blog posts is due to how the media views the subject matter she writes about.

Voodoo, and those who practice it, is so often seen in movies and television as evil and frightening to the general public. So I felt that Only By Moonlight was the perfect title to read and review in order to present another side of the topic; one that places these practices in a positive light. For many people—some of my family included—conjure magic, hoodoo, and the like are a way of life. Maybe one that is not always understood by current writers and filmmakers. And because of that lack of understanding, these beliefs can be vilified and turned into fodder for horror books and movies.

Emery does it right. She presents a series of books featuring LaShaun Rouselle, called “a voodoo priestess” by those around her. In practice, LaShawn is a Catholic and draws much of her strength and focus from her religion. There are several scenes where she grabs her rosary and prays for guidance before going out to confront evil.

Lynn was kind enough to speak with me about her writing process, success, and what voodoo means to a native Louisianan.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TVOne's The Fright Night Files: Like, Halloween & Horror For Black People

Has there ever been a made-for-television horror movie centralizing an all-black cast? Emphasis on made-for-television. TVOne, a cable network described as a "trusted storyteller and voice of black culture" seems to be expanding its programming horizons in honor of the Halloween season with its "first, original horror film", The Fright Night Files. This television anthology flick displays Lynn Whitfield looking to best Serling and Elvira as our hostess Madame Mabry for the evening, telling three tales that are over the top and too similarly tangled in themes of love, romance, and obsession gone awry. Describing this project as intriguing goes without saying. Here is an offering of a brief synopsis and assessment of each story.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sci-Fi Sunday: You Me & Her (2014) Trailer

A clever concept with a promising premise for maximum effort in character study, I only wish I saw its world premiere at Etheria Film Night this past July. You Me & Her (2014) is very much a story that could orbit into the mainstream if big studios weren't so preoccupied with over budgeted, blow 'em up science fiction fare they're convinced only males are interested in. The synopsis reads:

When 30 versions of one person pass through the wormhole at the Department of Parallel Resettlement, Anna discovers she is the worst possible version of herself.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recommendations For October Movie Nights

Months before one leaf even turns a shade duskier, I am asked about what scary movies to watch, which is hardly an easy question for me to answer. The irony. It would feel like one, big rubdown of my ego of what I think is the best which might not be your flavor. Additionally, there are so many films to choose from. Where would I start? So considering this being the time of year that even the "normies" are looking for a cheap cinematic scare, here's a handful of films I make sure I watch that compliments the burgundy tree lines and cool air.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Interview with Teen Wolf Writer Angela Harvey

Teen Wolf is one of MTV's most popular shows. I love horror shows, but I must admit I was not interested in watching it until one of my most trusted “blerd” friends @_LoisLane and fellow writer convinced me to watch it. I loved it from the first episode I viewed! It has become bigger and better with each passing season. The show takes us on an adventure about a teenage werewolf and all the supernatural events he encounters.

Teen Wolf has a surprising amount of minority fans, but the show itself has limited people of color.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Graveyard Shift Sisters is 1!

I can't remember what I was feeling the moments leading up to and during my drafting of the initial post here. In all sincerity, I didn't really even know exactly what I was doing. Although my initial statements may seem clear, I still had no idea the fruition of Graveyard Shift Sisters was going to be.

All I knew was that I was a Black woman, a die-hard horror fan, and saw the two as a unique perspective that was underserved in the horror community as a whole. I've experienced wonderful epiphanies from all the research on race within the genre. It has both made me own up to and remove some of the jaded feelings I had been harboring. We may be few, but enough people are putting in the work to explore this topic on an accessible, critical level. A deep and immense enjoyment of all the essays and discussions did not however fully erase my feelings of invisibility. But like many of life's journeys, it's a process.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

See Us Geek Girl Con 2014!

This month, Graveyard Shift Sisters is headed west for a fun, informative weekend at Geek Girl Con in Seattle from October 11 to 12 at the Washington State Conference Center! We're honored to have been invited to join a panel relating to horror fandom and women of color in the genre: