Georgia-raised writer with a keen eye for Buffy the Vampire Slayer memes, Mack Little has always found herself nomadic. She first began traversing the locations of her small town and immsersing herself in the universes found in books. Mack is a member of her local Writer's Guild with a background English Literature and Information Science that is clearly infused in her stories. She's studied in Spain, worked in Germany, been a librarian, soldier, and has currently found her home in Houston, Texas. Her freshly published novel, Progenie, the first in her Scions of Darkness book series.

Progenie introduces a skillful protagonist with a mysterious past named Zenobia "Zen" Grant. Her supernatural DNA and abilities are coveted by those opposed to a do-no-harm philosophy, and Zenobia's battle leads to learning about her origins along with a whole lot more about who she wants to be in spite of the madness. It rings of Blade except if Blade were Karen Jensen and N'bushe Wright became the megastar we all wanted her to. Mack recently found time to connect with us about her journey as an author discussing the importance of other literary approaches to enhance her own work, the unyielding inspiration of Buffy, and how stories from the Bible are indeed frightening.

Jordan Peele's highly anticipated sophmore nightmare, US is coming to Philadelphia early and we're offering admission to fifty lucky people.

Date: Tuesday, March 19th
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: UA Riverview | 1400 S Christopher Columbus Blvd | Philadelphia, PA 19147

The password is GraveyardShiftUs

Opens nationwide Friday, March 22nd

Latresa Baker as Kay

A young office worker learns her changing world is even scarier than she realized when she checks in on a friend who has stopped attending their grief support group.
(From Press Kit)

Written by Nicole Witte Solomon & Sean Mannion

Directed by Nicole Witte Solomon

One of the most effective moods a filmmaker can invoke, specifically in the horror genre, is one of discomfort. From the opening scene's of Nicole Witte Solomon's (director, Small Talk, Mare) festival circuit hitting latest, It's Normal, you see a familiar Brooklyn that's not so familiar. You see the everyday behaviors you witness seem a little off. That twinge of anxiety is expressed when Kay (Latresa Baker) visits Lucy (Tara Cioletti) at her apartment. She's been MIA from their support group, not answering texts or calls, and that's pretty terrifying in a world where people are disappearing so rapidly. There's an immediate, rational threat outdoors when the sun goes down that's a little more terrifying.

Myself and executive producers Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman and Tananarive Due present a digital, living document we hope will guide further inquiry into what was covered in Horror Noire and beyond. This is just the beginning of what will be developed as we create a fluid discourse on Black horror from here on.

Graveyard Shift Sisters is kicking off Black History Month in a major way this year! A Shudder original documentary, Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror has some fabulous international screening events. I had the privilege of being a co-writer and producer, so I'll be doing much more peeking out from this virtual curtain than usual. Pray for your introverted girl. As a teen of the 90's, my hype theme for these appearances could only be my fave rhymes from A Tribe Called Quest.

Not in any of the cities listed below?

Don't fret! Horror Noire is premiering on Shudder, Thursday, February 7th!

Stream here.
Honorable mention to Little Monsters, premiering at Sundance 2019.

A swell of well drawn, whole, and complicated Black female characters in widely accessible horror cinema has been the charge of Graveyard Shift Sisters since the beginning. With a firmly established celebration of the past, it is now thankfully a time where we can look towards a future of care and visibility for fresh, new images that'll have us talking for decades to come. There are shorts and features, both independent and mainstream that are making an 2019 appearance to celebrate and support. Here are a few that will prosper the discussion and scholarship surrounding the black women's horror aesthetic.

You’re invited to play for your life! 

In the Philly area? Escape Room hits theaters on January 4th, but I have passes for you to an exclusive advance screening on Wednesday,  December 19th at United Artists, King of Prussia.

I love a good conspiracy. A cabal. One that constantly keeps me guessing. A shimmer of light as a sleek car pulls into a driveway, punctuated by the exotic plantlife that subtlly adds to the ostentatiousness. A sneaky text bubble appearing where a beautiful woman mentions Blue Eclipse, a name by Any Major City, USA's well congregated nightspot, gives the mood of coolness, flesh, and an urge to hunt. Each image morsel accompanying this inquiry are obscured to alert that this is more than frienly, girlfriend banter. And these are just a few of the unnerving thoughts I'm having mere seconds into who knows what, as I'm all too eager to unpack the crescendo of bubbles that appear on the screen as more women play a sinister, competitive game of... we don't really know. But it reeks of conspiratorial madness!

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