Two talented cellists come to terms with their intertwining lives in a bizarre fashion.

Written by Nicole Snyder, Richard Shepard, and Eric C. Charmelo
Directed by Richard Shepard

No spoilers to be found here. But with that being said, watch the film before you read this. Yep, it's like that.

The forces of critique are a fragile line between necessary and utterly hazardous. Criticism has positioned me in an infinite realm of quiet madness. Is what I'm hearing accurate? A legitmate note for improvement? Simply a unintentionally (or intentionally) hurtful opinion? Hateration? I'm guessing no one is immune from the process of processing how to reach a level of mastery. The hazing so to speak, in its many forms, both psychological and physical, has some sort of sublime endgame. Sometimes in very unpredictable ways. Completely shattering the limits of the horrific, The Perfection invites an immersion of these concepts without ever losing its composure and intent.

I never really considered myself an activist. When I said this to a friend years ago in her living room, she looked up, incredulous to my belief. I was passionate about a specific observation that became a stewing issue. I had modest resources; intersectional insight, fan identity, and a laptop merged into a "unique and nuanced" educational resource for the purpose "of bringing awareness to important social and cultural issues not normally explored."

I know you're at least a little bit curious to see what this character is up to based on the trailer alone. So I'm assisting with some free passes for the Philadelphia-area crowd. And yep, there's a review coming.

Click here to secure your spot to see the Octavia Spencer-led horror film from Blumhouse, MA.

Date: Tuesday, May 28th
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: UA Riverview
1400 S Christopher Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19147

MA has its official wide release on Friday, May 31st!

L. Marie Wood does it all. In the realm of horror storytelling, her advocacy spreads in pages you can turn and click. Her insight has led podcasts, panels, and college classrooms. She proposes, that horror, and all the creatures therein, helps us understand our ancestral experiences. To gain knowledge of what lurks in the shadows so it doesn't remain unknown. Wood's intimate relationship with the genre and leanings towards the psychological is why critics have consistently described her work as enchanting.

Motherhood looms as this pervasive, anxiety inducing ponderance. It's a personally difficult decision being older and not fully committing to the idea of such a transformative life role. It's a wonder how the hell my own mom managed. Not just with the external pressures to be the ideal parent, but the extreme learning curve if your child's temperament, which in my mom/me dynamic, is overwhelmingly opposite of your own.

My highest recommendation of the year so far will be available to stream on Netflix next month. The less I say, the better. Reviews and all of that goodness is to come. For now, indulge the trailer.

Thriller star Jessica Allain (Lisa Walker)
Thriller is a retribution slasher about how a childhood prank gone horribly awry can have deadly consequences. Four years later, the nine fickle Compton High School seniors involved are disguising their nightmare-inducing guilt with the typical teenage fare of good grades, football, parties, and misplaced anger. But the past looms in the shadows when a hooded figure aware of their nasty misdeed begins to pick them off during Homecoming weekend. With some old school echoes of the subgenre, Thriller is an ambitious yet overstuffed glimpse into the anxities and despair Black and Latinx teens face. While the film removes itself from the trap of monolithic depictions, it does suffer from following too many characters who get lost in a shuffle of storylines that never come full circle.

Described as "one of the darkest and most surprising Stephen King adaptations to date" by Daily Dead's Heather Wixson, Pet Sematary is burrowing its way towards theaters on Friday, April 5th. Philadelphia is celebrating the buzz with a free, advanced screening on Wednesday, April 3rd at 7:30PM at the UA Riverview in South Philly.

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